10 September 2018

Louise Marie: styling tips from Anouk Taeymans

For the styling of a contemporary apartment such as Louise Marie I have developed two different styles that both respond to current interior fashions and trends in the world of interior design. It is time to say goodbye to white, sterile interiors and to opt for subtle shades of colour, warmth and interiors with a soul.


Natural Soul

The first style – Natural Soul – is a return to nature.

By using a natural colour pallet, we bring both warmth and security to your home. Combine calm colours such as soft grey, greige and sand tones with more striking accessories in curry yellow, brass or gold.

The ideal table lamp in this setting is without doubt the iconic Golden Atollo lamp by Oluce. The Myshelf wall shelf in its original natural oak version fits perfectly within this cosy setting at home.

Finally, adorn your floor with a thickly woven woollen ivory coloured carpet in the living room and a rougher, firmer carpet of seagrass, jute or sisal under the dining table.

black & bright

The second style: black & bright exudes a certain airiness and sleek sturdiness.

Give the room an extra dimension by providing the walls with a subtle texture, for example with distemper. The cloudy effect of the distemper also adds a soft appearance to the room. My favourite colour for this style is Pure & Original’s silver plate, a light warm-grey colour with a blue-green undertone.

Fill this airy background with fine black items and appropriate plants. No green fingers? Then go for easily maintained plants. Usually the following rule applies: the thicker the leaves, the easier to maintain. My favourites: the Philodendron Xanadu, Monstera, Ficus Lyrata and Clusia Rosea. Dare to choose large pots and plants. I recommend the large concrete Worthy pots by D & M depot, which have a rough structure and add a lot more spice to a room than many small pots together. Also avoid plastics and shiny plastic variants.

In addition, opt for some sleek eye-catchers. Handvärk’s Studio Lamp has a powerful look, even when it is not switched on.

Lastly, the James linen cushions with fine black stripe by Libeco Home offer the whole a relaxed look when stacking them nonchalantly on the floor.

For the finishing touch, use some abstract accessories: a geometric candle holder, sleek bookends and some graphic black-and-white prints by Kristina Dam – a minimalist Danish design brand with a wide range of interior accessories in fine black finishes that finish it off. The Diamond wine bottle holder by XL Boom also provides a beautiful and functional finishing touch to the whole.

So, I'm curious about which of these two styles you prefer -:).

Anouk Taeymans