11 July 2018

Louise Marie & Kids

Are you still looking for fun (outdoor) activities to enjoy with your kids this summer? Valerie Brems, a mum and fashion blogger, and her son, Christian, visited the neighbourhood around Louise Marie and listed the nicest kiddy-proof addresses below.

With Christian I often go into the city to discover new or hidden places. But at the same time, peace and quiet remain very important for us.

Green addresses:

There is nothing nicer than looking for a shady picnic spot for the family or visiting the city playground with your children.

Nachtegalenpark, 1 km from Louise Marie

The Nachtengalenpark is the collective name for the Vogelzang, Den Brandt and Middelheim Museum parks. Everyone can go there: sunbathers, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, culture fans or those who want to play. There is a surprise behind every corner: a fairy-tale castle, a large playground, the sculpture park of the Middelheim Museum, etc. Your kiddies will be entertained from start to finish.

Hof van Leysen, 1 km from Louise Marie

To the North you will find the Hof van Leysen. What few people know is that this park is home to bees. Occasionally free ‘beehive walks’ are organised with a nature guide. This park is also very suitable for a game of football or Kubb.

Albertpark, 900 m from Louise Marie

The Albert Park is on the border between Berchem and 't Zuid. With a bit of luck, you and your little ones can enjoy a mini concert under the picturesque bandstand. In addition, such a covered bandstand is the ideal shelter if the Belgian weather gods are unkind and spoil your picnic.

Lunch locations and coffee bars:

Café Kamiel is a surprising, peaceful and original spot close to the bustle of the city.

Café Kamiel, 900 m from Louise Marie

Café Kamiel is located at the entrance of the Hof van Leysen and has a nice playground for children. You can sit inside or outside for a healthy lunch, a drink or a delicious snack. Café Kamiel is committed to working with local and organic products as much as possible. Recommended!


Bardin is the perfect afternoon spot for a coffee break with friends, but also to settle down with my laptop.

Bardin, 1.7 km from Louise Marie

"Come hungry, leave happy" – that is the slogan of Bardin. This cosy breakfast and lunch spot is the ideal place to rest after a walk in the Albertpark or to just relax in their garden. An iced cappuccino for mum, a smoothie for the smallest, let that summer begin!


Kofika, at 350 m from Louise Marie

Kofika is the place to be for those who like to be closer to home. Guess what, you can go there for a delicious cup of black gold. But the 'fika' in the name is the Swedish word for goodies. Cake or brownie, step inside and be surprised!



Valerie Brems