22 June 2018

An inspiration from the past

The two stately towers of Louise Marie rest on robust stone columns. They stand out because of their monumental size and trapezoidal shape. Who inspired the Polo Architects team? The answer is: Le Corbusier. This Swiss-French architect and urban planner is considered to be one of the most important architects of the last century.

In the early 1950s, Le Corbusier designed 'Unité d'Habitation', an 18-storey residential complex that was supported by giant columns. Thus, the landscape visually passed through the building and the ground floor remained an accessible public space. This complex also comprised shops, a school and a sports facility. On the roof of this building there even were a sun terrace and a swimming pool.

Louise Marie’s stone columns give the building a robust foundation and radiate solid class. Moreover, they provide a sense of security for those who are in the building. You immediately feel safe and at home when you step into the spacious entrance hall.

Corbusier Unité d'habitation

The monumental 'elephant feet' of Louise Marie form a solid foundation.

Louise Marie Inkomhal

The entrance hall provides a wonderful feeling of connectedness.

The eye-catching entrance hall reflects the monumentality of the building. Inside the buildings you enjoy the same stimulating atmosphere as outside. The choice for the interior fittings fell on simple, honest, warm materials, which form a unity with the architecture and the landscape.